A Numerology Soul reading with Grainne will help you find your way.  Gráinne incorporates her custom blend of numerology with the law of attraction to help you find your true life’s purpose. By looking at where your numbers are placed, Gráinne will identify key traits and aspects of yourself that can help you realise your highest potential.  Numerology combined with over 25 years of Life Coaching skills, will enable you to better understand your place in the Universe and help you explore and develop a better relationship with yourself.  

What is Numerology

Western Numerology was created by the Hebrews and then brought to prominence by Pythagoras the Greek philosopher and mathematician approximately 2,500 years’ ago. Through analysing your name and date of birth I can assist you in uncovering  and interpreting your purpose in life, your destiny, divine timing, the path you will walk as well as your soul’s true purpose.  Numerology can also assist in the areas of romance, career opportunities, and prosperity.

Your name and date of birth are no accident. Through numerology they can help to reveal the real inner you.  By calculating your personal month and years through your date of birth, you will know when is the right time to attempt tasks, take up new endeavours and contemplate what challenges and lessons you are here to overcome, thus helping you become happier and achieve greater fulfilment.  

Understanding yourself is the key to your own Success!  Its written in your numbers. Go for It!

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